Cunda Island

Cunda Island (also called Alibey Island) is located in the northwestern Aegean Sea off the coast of Ayvalik. It is the largest of the Ayvalik Islands group. The island is linked to Ayvalik by a causeway.

Cunda is an old town which offers various pleasures such as fish restaurants, tavernas and cafes. The most beautiful examples of Neo-Classical architecture can also be seen here in the old Greek buildings.

One of Cunda Island’s typical buildings is Tas Kahve, the name translates as “Stone Coffeeshop” , open all year round it welcomes its guests with spectacular Neo-Classical architecture and craftsmanship of stone used to build the meeting point for the people of the island. Visitors of the island don’t miss a breakfast here, with high ceiling mirrors on the stone walls. This is a meeting place for the people of the island, they drink tea here, play backgammon and cards, as well as gossip.